SP User Redirect is a SharePoint hosted application created so you could easily redirect your team members or specific people to particular internal or external sites when they visit particular pages on SharePoint. You can easily set redirection policies to SharePoint Groups or Users which means prioritizing your rules easily. This app has many uses, for example, if you have your site configured based on public/private subsite hierarchy, this app can be used when you want your site visitors to be redirected to the public subsite of a main site and the site members to be redirected to a private subsite of the same site. Another usage example is where you have a full report for managers and a reduced report for the workers. After setting up your rules, you can easily create a Report page, add the app part to it, and after visiting the page, managers/workers would be redirected to a full/reduced report according to settings. That way all users are targeting the same URL but getting the results you want them to get.

SharePoint 2013
SharePoint Online