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Windows service for automated backing up Sharepoint Document Libraries. Versioning and retention of key attributes is supported (Createdby, ModifedBy, Created and Modifed). Retaining of Library and Item-level permissions is also possible. Software is made as a tool for administrators but is designed to be simple enough so semi-experienced SharePoint users can use it without problems.

Service supports defining of unlimited number of jobs. Every job can backup unlimited number of documents from a single SharePoint Site from any Library on that site. Backup of Forms for document library is also supported.

Main Features:

  • Scheduling of jobs: Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly
  • Maintain versions
  • Maintain Created / Modified fields
  • Maintain Created By / Modified By fields
  • Maintain Libraries Permissions
  • Maintain Item Level Permissions
  • Backing up from multiple libraries within one job (and one destination)
  • Choose only documents you want to backup, no need to backup whole library
  • Backup to zip
  • Retain only N backups (deletes older backups)
  • Defining custom Log path for every backup Job
  • File logging






+ Supported Backup sources:

· SharePoint 2010 Foundation
· SharePoint 2010 Standard
· SharePoint 2010 Enterprise
· SharePoint 2013 Foundation
· SharePoint 2013 Standard
· SharePoint 2013 Enterprise
· SharePoint Online

+ Restoring features:

· Choose documents from backup which you want to restore
· Choose if you want to restore Library Properties
· Choose if you want to restore Library Permissions
· Choose if you want to restore Item Level Permissions
· Choose if you want to restore only last file versions
· Overwrite All / Overwrite Backed up files only / Append only restore modes


+ How is 3 PRO SharePoint Backuper licensed?

It is licensed by „windows device“(computer/server) that runs 3 PRO SharePoint backup software and does the backup of your SharePoint.

+ How many licenses do I need for my environment?

You need only 1 license for your environment.

+ Under what name and extension are the Microsoft SharePoint server backup files stored on 3 PRO SharePoint Backuper?

It is possible to save backup as .zip or as direct file system backup. Along with file archives, Backuper creates concomitant .xml files that are important during restore procedures. Name of the file is generated according to the backup time and process.

+ Can I restore my document library to different sites?

No, but it is possible to restore the same site. Otherwise, Backuper becomes Migrator.

+ How do I backup and restore SharePoint files?

? Backup and restore are described in the manual guide.

+ Are there size limits on site collection restores

File size limitation depends on the SharePoint version.

+ Can I restore list items to a different list?

SharePoint Backuper does not backup lists.