CRO Exchange Rates


App Title: CRO Exchange Rates
Released: 07/23/2015
Languages: English, Hrvatski
Category: Productivity
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CRO Exchange rates is a SharePoint application which is primary for those who works with HRK (Hrvatska kuna) currency. Application shows exchange rate list for most common currencies quoted against the HRK (base currency).

The data is collected from the Croatian national bank (HNB).
The application allows selecting data from different dates.
Application now contains a currency calculator built in for calculating from one currency to another. The new feature is the possibility of choosing which currencies you want to show on your list in the webpart settings.
Application is available in English and Croatian languages.
Unfortunately this App is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8.
The application will support banks in future, but it will remain primary for those who work with HRK.
Please comment and rate app so we can make this App better in future.
Release Notes:
• Currency calculator added
• List expanded from EUR and USD to all common currencies
• UI Redesigned
Privacy statement:
This application does not collect or transmit any user information.