VoiceCall Companion


– Dynamics CRM 2011
– Dynamics CRM 2013
– Dynamics CRM 2015
– Dynamics CRM Online

SKU: CM-100007


VoiceCall Companion is an application (exe) that:

1. Detects Lync / Skype for Business calls (Incoming and outgoing)
2. Searches CRM contacts and accounts
3. Displays found contacts and accounts (you can click on them to open them)
4. You have a choice, you can dissmis the notification or you can insert the phone call into CRM
5. If you chose to insert the call into Dynamics CRM, the application will fill the following fields
  a. Phone call direction
  b. Phone number
  c. To
  d. From
  e. Subject
  f. Call duration
6. A browser window will be opened for you to type in the description
The application is very easy to configure, you just need to provide the Dynamics CRM organizational URL.
It supports Windows auth, and user provided credentials.
You can access the settings via the windows tray.